The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook

By (author)Chy Anegbu


It is a 192 paged cookbook with several other cooking tips and tricks.

With thousands of copies sold already, our wonderful customers consider this the best Nigerian (west-African) cookbook in circulation

Whether you are a woman looking to surprise your man or perhaps you are a man looking to surprise your lady, this is the right Nigerian cookery book for you. There are easy recipes for beginners and more complex ones for you to try as you learn the ropes.

The first 12 pages featured tips on healthy Nigerian foods and explained most of the Nigerian ingredients and local spices used in this Nigerian cookbook.

I like to say that you will make better and healthier Nigerian foods with the Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook. You will also find tips for food decoration as well as a food menu that makes your day to day meal planning a breeze.

In this edition (7th edition), we updated all of the recipes in the sixth edition and added 14 more Nigerian recipes.

The objective has always been to offer you clear, detailed, and easy to follow recipes. This 7th edition has 192 pages and 92 recipes, While the 6th edition (also sold by amazon) had just 78 recipes and 160 pages

This book contains everything I have learned about foods in the last thirty years; the good thing is that you can learn all of that in just one month or less.

I have written thousands of articles about Nigerian food recipes and reach out to thousands of people daily through my free weekly newsletters, food blog, and social handles.

I have been a food blogger for 10 years, so I understand what makes a great cookbook.

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The ultimate Nigerian cookbook (7th edition) shows you how to make more than 92 of the most popular Nigerian foods using over 500 photos and detailed step by step instruction.

My name is Chy Anegbu, a professional chef and food blogger. I have spent the last 9 months reworking this Nigerian cookbook following recommendations and reviews received from previous editions.

What we have is a 192 paged giant cookbook that shows you how to make more than 92 different Nigerian foods.

The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook features:

  1. 20 Nigerian soup recipes
  2. 14 Nigerian rice recipes
  3. 18 Nigerian small chops/Pastries
  4. 7 Nigerian drink recipes
  5. 6 Nigerian yam recipes
  6. 6 Nigerian breakfast recipes
  7. 15 Local Nigerian Recipes
  8. 4 swallow recipes
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