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The Aim is to  develop a business model for the nutritive snack
popularly called KpoKpo Garri.

KpoKpo Garri is a crunchy snack made from
cassava tuber – hard crumbs from processed cassava; often white or cream in
colour. Depending on what it is eaten with, it could be taken as a snack or
part of a full meal. Also referred to as Tapioca, it is a popular in Delta
state among the Itsekiri, Ijaw, Isoko and Urhobo people.

The difference between kpokpo garri and the
normal garri (used in making eba) is the finishing during the preparation. The
cassava tubers for garri is taken to the mill to be blended, and the same goes
to kpokpo garri.Then the blended pulp is put in bags and left to drain for
days. However, unlike the garri, tapioca is not sieved before frying. It is
salted and fried in big frying pans, along with all the lumps and shafts. The
heat removes any form of wetness in it and eventually make it hard crunchy, and

Kpokpo Garri is a starchy content extracted
from the cassava root. Being a starchy food, it contains a higher amount of
carbohydrates and some other key properties that the body requires for proper
function, including protein, fiber, iron, manganese, potassium, etc.

How it is eaten:

As snack, it can be eaten alone

As cereal, soaked a bit in cold milk and
sweetened, ready to eat

Enjoy with groundnut