Welcome To Readaholic

If you’re one of those who have a book addiction, then you’re in good company……..and that makes you a …….er……….Readaholic actually. If you’re one of those who think they don’t have one, well……..we’ll convert you somehow, hopefully sooner than later. That’s because there’s an innate reader in every single one of us wanting to be discovered and for the fact that you’re still reading this, you definitely have Readaholic potential.

In case you’ve wondered, that’s pretty much what sums up Readaholic – a love for reading. That insatiable hunger that is constantly craving strings of word, after word, after word woven in fine artistry but also pregnant with a relevant message for a relevant time and season. 

Inside books, we find the answers to our questions.

Ironically still, books will rouse latent queries which we didn’t even know existed in our minds, inching their way forward, thronging through the crowd of cluttered thoughts to the point of redemption like the woman with the issue of blood.

Books have the power to bring down walls that have held us captive prisoners and as Pharrell Williams sang, give us that feeling of the hot air balloon that’s headed for Space. No walls. No borders. No limits. Just you and the wide expanse of the skies and whatever lies beyond.   

Books will put perspective on our prejudices, remove the timidity that comes with not knowing and ultimately help us realize that nothing really is alien to mankind – nothing really is new under the sun. That challenge and that situation and that fix has had a predecessor and very likely some person has been most gracious enough to document the “David triumphs over Goliath” experience either from familiarity or from imagination.

To put it simply, there’s a book out there for anything and everything. 

So, while we’ll forgive the rest of the world for misconstruing our quiet contemplations for snobbery, as Readaholics, we’ll also forgive ourselves of our own socially uncompliant mannerisms (particularly our preference for books over all other mundane activities), easily, because, most in general, we happen to be the first point of reference for a question or the search for a resolution. That’s because, if we don’t know the answer, we aren’t ashamed to admit it and then go in search for a book that’ll teach us. 

So, we’ll attribute our “Seeing-it-all, knowing–it-all” confidence to the experiences being garnered from swishing pages and eyes that dance over letters with contemplative steps. 

And because we are often non- conformists, rarely judgmental, people shouldn’t be afraid to be open minded with us especially when there are situations requiring out of the box solutions.

So, welcome to freedom! Welcome to adventure! Welcome to the magic of words!

Be Readaholic. Be proudly Readaholic.